30 things I know I’m no good at -

30 things I know I'm no good at

30 things I know I’m no good at

I thought for this weeks whatever wednesday post I’d have a go at listing some of the things I know I’m no good at…after all, there’s nothing more uplifting than a 30 long list about everything you can’t do haha! In fact, it might be some weird self-therapy shizz so here we go…enjoy 😛

30 things I can’t do or I’m bad at

1. I read texts with every intention to answer them…then I forget
2. I jump to conclusions before listening
3. I buy clothes without trying them on
4. I tell it how it is
5. I can’t be all ‘coochie-coochie-coo’ over babies and/or small children
6. I forget where I am when singing loudly and pretending I’m at the Royal Albert Hall when in fact, I’m in my car
7. I put my foot in my mouth…a lot
8. I buy on impulse and it’s always stuff I don’t need
9. I forget to fill my car up with washer fluid…damn, it’s actually been three weeks since I ran out!
10. I let my tea go cold before I drink it
11. I start a series of TV programmes and then never watch the end
12. I always miss that one strip of wavy hair at the back when using my straighteners
13. I lose bobby pins all the time and they end up everywhere including in my shoe
14. I can’t accept compliments
15. I don’t take criticism well
16. I lose my phone charger all the time
17. I like to stalk old high school bullies on Facebook
18. I never eat my lunch until it gets to 3pm and I realise I haven’t eaten all day
19. I’m either too early or too late but never on time
20. I can’t sleep without TV on in the background
21. I over analyse everything anyone ever says to me particularly when it’s about me
22. I can’t arrive to work every day at the same time
23. I constantly compare myself to others
24. I get niggly when I get too tired
25. I know a ridiculous amount of song lyrics but have no general knowledge whatsoever
26. I take a while to catch on to things
27. I’m picky with food and I don’t like to try new food either
28. I hate the summer, especially when it’s too hot
29. I can out-complain everyone
30. I quit everything I start

And that is what makes me, me I guess. What are you no good at?


This article is written by Victoria.
A 24 year old from Staffordshire. Hoarder of clothes, lover of bargains. Mum to a fluff ball and a feather head. Closet Kinder Egg toy and Shaun the Sheep collector.

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