5 reasons why I love coats -

The Perfect Winter Coat

The Perfect Winter Coat

I never used to like coats. I used to go out in just a t-shirt and get the ‘you’ll catch a chill’ statement from my Dad on a daily basis. But now, I might as well be knitting with a blanket wrapped around my knees wearing a hair net because my youthful ”I’m way too cool to keep warm” philosophy has gone out the window. Now I can honestly say I have grown an obsession with coats…and jumpers too I love jumpers!

Newlife in Cannock is quickly becoming a regular jaunt of mine. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a charity that buys in extra shop stock from high street stores like Topshop, River Island and Next. They rip out all the tags and sell them for bargain prices and it’s where I’ve bought two of my favourite coats this year but my collection doesn’t stop there. Here’s 5 reasons why I love coats…

Faux fur lapel goodness

Faux fur lapel goodness

1. No worries about CBA

The perfect coat means completely less effort for what you’re wearing underneath. Now when I say this, don’t think I do a Naomi in 90210 and wear nothing but an overcoat and heels.  What I mean to say is you can wear all black with the perfect pop of colour from your coat and voila; a fab-oo outfit.

2. It’s good to be cosy

I tell you, I’m ageing and I don’t think it’s gracefully. Being warm is one of my top priorities these days…man I sound dull. Coats provide that perfect cosy-opportunity but with more style than your tartan-old-lady-blanket.

That blue coat...

That blue coat…

3. They last…

I’m just full of the old-womanly statements today aren’t I? But anyhow, quality over quantity and all that. The perfect quality coat may not last you a lifetime but it will certainly see you through a few UK Winters. They’re a worthy investment and you feel far less guilty about buying a coat than a glamorous dress that you will only ever wear once.

4. So many styles!

As Homer said to his little Pig friend in the Simpsons Movie… ‘you’ve got so many looks’ and coats are just the same. I have a rainbow of colours and a catalogue of styles meaning I can dress an outfit up, dress it down, change the shape, change the theme…everything and anything but such a teeny-tiny amount of effort required.

5. Even the basic can be perfected

It doesn’t matter if you opt for that basic black coat because you can pimp it up and make it ahhmazing. All you need are a few basic additional accessories from your obvious gloves, hat and scarves to the more unusual additions of brooches and that ideal lip colour. Have fun, experiment, live a little and fall in love (or become majorly obsessed like me) with coats.

Do you love coats too? Where do you buy your favourite coats? How would you style one?

Let me know below.


This article is written by Victoria.
A 24 year old from Staffordshire. Hoarder of clothes, lover of bargains. Mum to a fluff ball and a feather head. Closet Kinder Egg toy and Shaun the Sheep collector.

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