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Hello my daisies!

Back in February 2014, with a lot of ‘brotherly’ help and pure determination to finally stick to a hobby longer than a month, the blog began!

The Daisy Jaynes is primarily a personal style blog with a few added extras; lifestyle posts, diy’s and fashion updates all thrown into the mix. Basically I share everything I love about the world and I hope you learn something and get a few laughs along the way too.

About Victoria Jane

I was born in 1992 in Staffordshire, England and I’m still there. In 2013, I departed from the skint years of University,entered into the real working-world (scary!) and turned into a bit of a shopaholic. When I’m not buying the latest bargains along the high street, I’ll be scouring car boot sales and charity shops and documenting my experiences here.

You’ll often find me next to the laptop, headphones on with a pair of pliers in one hand and a Kinder egg in the other. When I’m feeling adventurous, I travel the UK in Ralph, my Fiat 500, taking pretty photographs and searching for Alpacas.

I really hope you enjoy having a little mooch around my blog, make sure you leave some feedback so I can respond and check out my social media links to see what I’m doing every second of the day…stalker! No seriously, come and say hi so I can be nosey at you too.

If you want to contact me directly please feel free to email: victoria.haynes@ymail.com

About The Daisy Jaynes

The Daisy Jaynes began in March 2014 as a little place for me to share what I love about the world. Over time I’ve come to realise what I really want to create on The Daisy Jaynes is somewhere you can come to find out where the latest bargains are in the world. Everyone has the right to live with luxury in their lives and I personally think you can do it without spending beyond your means.

Each week you will see the following from The Daisy Jaynes:

Whatever Wednesday: On Wednesday I write about whatever has come to my head whether it be something I’ve come across that week, somewhere I’ve visited or something that has bugged me and I want to have a mini rant about it!

Friday Favourites: I look back over the week and find my favourite moments or things I’ve found during the week including some favourite bargains I’ve found that week!

Shopaholic Sunday: I’m a bit of a shopaholic it’s true. But you can always trust on the blog, I will never write about anything unaffordable. I find the best bargains and I share them with you in the best way I can. On Sunday you can see some outfit posts, whatever bargains I’ve found (normally at supermarkets or £1 stores) or anything I’ve bought I want to share with you.

Click the categories at the top to see what you can find under each one 🙂

Love you all lots my little daisies! <3


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