Friday Favourites – 11th November 2016 -


I’m baaack! It feels about 172574 years have passed since I’ve written a blog post so here we go with my four Friday favourites for this week.

Funfair Milkshake

Funfair Milkshake

1. The Milkshake to beat all milkshakes

This week I took a trip to Oatcakes and Milkshakes – a local cafe that has combined the two best things ever. If you’re not a Staffordshire bunny like me, you may be thinking what on this glorious Earth are Oatcakes? I can only really describe them as like pancakes, but not pancakes. This year monster milkshakes seems to be a thing at most cafés but Oatcakes and Milkshakes have THE best.

I’ve been to the café earlier on this year and boy does it get busy because their shakes are mouthwateringly amazing! We had the ‘funfair’ which is basically candy floss and a sweet shop with a shake, a ‘Kinder’ which was my choice and the ‘oreo’. They release a new shake every month so I’m definitely going again closer to Christmas. If you’re planning a trip – make sure you don’t eat a single morsel that day before you get there…trust me; you’ll need the room.

Theodore (Theo) The Bunny

Theodore (Theo) The Bunny

2. Introducing, Theodore (Theo)

Look how cute this little furball is!? As they say, you get engaged, you get a house and what comes next? A Bunny of course! He’s been ours for about three weeks now and I love him to pieces.

Poppy Day

Poppy Day

3. Lest we forget

Remembrance (Poppy) day is such an important annual event and I’m so keen to show my support to remember those who fought so I could live the life I live now. I have been purchasing from the Poppy Shop for a number of years now and earlier this year I bought lots of lovely things including earrings, a gorgeous ring and a Poppy brooch. I’ve been wearing these all week and at 11 minutes past 11 today, I’ll be joining the rest of the country in a 1 minute silence to remember them.

Friday Favourites - Camera


4. Getting back into it

You may have noticed I’ve not been blogging lately – in fact by lately I mean since May (more on that later). In the last couple of weeks though my brother and I have been taking photos after photos ready for lots of posts that are coming up on the blog. I can’t wait to get back into it as I really have missed it.

Really hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Friday favourites – what have you been loving this week?


This article is written by Victoria.
A 24 year old from Staffordshire. Hoarder of clothes, lover of bargains. Mum to a fluff ball and a feather head. Closet Kinder Egg toy and Shaun the Sheep collector.

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