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I know I know, bad blogger award. Following my new job I’ve done a lot of weekend shifts and ten hour days and unfortunately, blogging has taken a back seat. Not for long though; it will change and what better way to keep blogging than with this weeks Friday Favourites?

1. It only went and snowed??!

Can you remember I was moaning because we hadn’t had snow and I was wearing my sunglasses in Winter? Well, what a fool I was when it went and snowed on us! I remember snow days when I was at school and my brother and I would huddle round the radio praying for the announcer to say our school was closed. Now it’s a bloody pain in the arse! 1 whole hour it took me to get off my estate which is a ten minute journey meaning I didn’t get to work until 10:30am; officially late. It’s the same thing every year, it snows and the whole of the UK is panic stricken, then it stops snowing and the whole of the UK complains about the UK being panic stricken because it snowed…we’re odd human beings.

It literally snowed for one day where I live. I drove to work and I drove home from work and all the snow had gone; no snowman for me this year.

Snow Day

Snow Day

2. Jordan’s work do at the Hilton

Every year, Jordan’s work organises this lavish work do where they pay for each member of staff + 1 to spend one night all expenses paid in a swanky hotel. During the evening, we have a sit down meal and a bit of a dance – well, every other couple dances except Jordan and I. Unless a big group of lads are up there; Jordan will never dance with me. Anyhoo, it’s utter madness. I never understand how the company afford it all! Last week, I won an award at work and I got, wait for it…two £5 vouchers woop! Which have actually turned out to be a pain in the arse. I bought myself a dress from Peacocks with said vouchers to find I don’t like the dress and now only have the option to exchange and not get the money back or a gift voucher either…ugh!

I completely digress. My point was where we are awarded £10 vouchers, Jordans work get iPads!! Ridiculous – said with not one ounce of jealousy.


3. I’m officially short-sighted…sad times but fancy glasses

I went to get my eyes tested last week. I’ve been getting a few headaches which I think are actually related to an ear infection but I thought I’d get my eyes tested anyway. I honestly had no idea how bad they had gotten and felt totally embarrassed when they asked me if I should wear glasses, to which I said yes, to which they then said where are they and I just shrugged. Since I was called UGLY BETTY by a ‘close’ work colleague; I’ve not worn them since and now I’ve gone from just needing them to make me see slightly better to now needing distance glasses. I’ve ordered them though and they should come tomorrow yay! They look similar to the ones below but slightly less ‘winged’ at the side.

This time, I promise I will wear them…oh don’t my nails look nice in this photo?



4. Little Pink Hat

I met the bestie last weekend and we had a nice meal and a ponder around a garden centre. We planned to pay crazy golf…I know right; we’re so cool. Then it rained and it rained hard so we gave up on that idea and just ate cake instead. I was really happy with my outfit choice which included this Little Pink Hat. The hat is vintage because it was my nans and I was so happy when my Mum found it in an old box, I tried it on and it fits it fits! So cute and fluffy…

Fluffy is the best way forward

Fluffy is the best way forward

This week has been manic. My manager has been off so I’ve had my first week on my own ‘running things’ since I got my new job and it’s made me all bleurgh!! It’s gone really quick though but I’ll be so glad to get to the weekend, get my PJ’s on and chill.

See you Sunday my little daisies. Enjoy your Friday!


This article is written by Victoria.
A 24 year old from Staffordshire. Hoarder of clothes, lover of bargains. Mum to a fluff ball and a feather head. Closet Kinder Egg toy and Shaun the Sheep collector.

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