Friday Favourites: 29th January 2016 -


Well this week has been manic but pretty darn good indeed. I got a new job! For the next two months I’m boss woman and I can be all BeyoncĂ© and click my fingers at my 20 staff……’question?!’

I noticed a humungous booboo this week whilst typing up today’s Friday favourites. I’ve only been signing each one off as 2015!! I’m still obviously in shock that it’s 2016.

1. Glitter Boots

In a weeks time I will be at the Dinner Dance with Jordan and what better way to strut through the ball room than in these gorgeous sparkly boots! They’ll match my sparkly dress too… so excite!

Glitter Boots

Glitter Boots

2. My, my, Sky

I’ve been very lucky this week on my long drives to work and I’ve seen some beautiful skies. This one was definitely my favourite of the week with those pinks and purples.


Colourful Sky

Colourful Sky

3. Asos Swing Dress

I’ve been naughty AGAIN. Not only did I get an Asos delivery this week but I’ve ordered more too. My favourite purchase so far is this gorgeous red Swing Dress from Asos with a subtle but still unique print detail. I’ve already worn it this week and I adore the shape and the sleeve style. It doesn’t look as loose on me as it does online so if you’re going to join in with me on this amazing sale bargain, I recommend a size up.

Asos Swing Dress

Asos Swing Dress

Hope you’ve had a fab week my little daisies.

See you next week and have a lovely weekend.


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A 24 year old from Staffordshire. Hoarder of clothes, lover of bargains. Mum to a fluff ball and a feather head. Closet Kinder Egg toy and Shaun the Sheep collector.

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