How to give money to charity without spending a penny -

Fundraising Stamps

Fundraising Stamps

When you’re trying to save money yourself, being charitable unfortunately becomes the least of your priorities. Bit naughty really, but we’re all human and we are certainly not all saints. Raising money for charity is like your best fad diet; you begin with all the best intentions then you give up quickly with the age old excuse you’ll start tomorrow.

Thanks to my Dad, I’ve found how to give money to charity without spending a penny and without spending your time. Bit cheeky really, all the pride of giving to charity with little to no effort but still completely worth it and worth sharing with you all too.

As a member of Motability UK, a couple of months before Christmas, Dad received one of their magazines that explained all about  Fundraising Stamps. They are an organisation who buy recycled stamps off fundraising groups and for every kilo, the charity receive £11. You don’t have to be a member of a ‘fundraising group’ per-say to be able to take part. You can send off for a pre-paid envelope and collect at home by yourself.

How to give money to charity without spending a penny

How to give money to charity without spending a penny

As Christmas was approaching and so were the stamped Christmas cards; Dad and I began collecting. Each envelope fits 250 grams in. I’ve never been good at measurements and I feel like a bit of a fool now when I say that I honestly thought a small sweet tub of stamps would weigh 250 grams. Trust me; it doesn’t! Luckily though, I work at an organisation where we’re a bit behind the times and we still receive masses of post. With a bit of a nudge to the post-girl I managed to grab a huge envelope of stamps which I’ve sent to Fundraising Stamps; all 916 of them!

Make sure you leave no more than 1cm around each stamp

Make sure you leave no more than 1cm around each stamp

So, how do you join in?

It’s really easy! You can start collecting straight away. Start small like I did and see how you get on. Their website gives you every tip you need and suggests you get in touch with local businesses, friends and family to see if you can pool your stamps together. The main tip is to make sure you don’t give too much spare paper and leave no more than 1cm around each stamp. The better presented your bag of stamps; the more chance it will make money for your chosen charity.

Fill it up to 250grams

Fill it up to 250grams

What stamps do they buy?

It doesn’t matter about their size, whether they are franked or whether they are basic 1st and 2nd UK stamps; they will still have them off you as long as the perforated bit around the edge is still in tact. They will receive:

Recently collected and unpicked
​GB or foreign
Used or mint
On or off paper
Everyday 1st class and 2nd class are ok
Special issue commemoratives are best
No more than 1cm of envelope left around each stamp
Not trimmed too close so that the perforations are damaged

Pop it in the post

Pop it in the post

Where do I send my stamps?

Pick your charity/fundraising group and send it to the address below:

‘Your Fundraising Group Name’
59 Mitre Copse
SO50 8QE

If you go on the Fundraising Stamps website, you can order pre-paid envelopes too.

So, super easy and rather effortless way to make money for charity. Tell me how you get on and make sure you share any fundraising ideas with me below.

Are you a stamp collector?


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