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What's happening to British Weather?

What’s happening to British Weather?


I hate being cold. There I said it.

It makes me feel down, my CBA-ism emerges with full force and I’m running to the loo every five minutes following each cup of tea I try to have to warm me up. When you’re inside though; it’s easy. Big jumper, fluffy slippers and slipper socks will warm you up pretty quick although you’ll probably still end up sitting by the fire with a hot choccie and a book.

When you’re outside though, it’s harder to feel warm. I’m not one to buy huge winter coats; not any more anyway. I find them too bulky and I get hot too quick and feel as though I’m dragging a duvet around with me all day. Coats are expensive too. If I am going to buy one, I’d rather buy one that I can use all year around and just layer underneath or better still on top.

The Scarf...

The Scarf…

Hence the scarf. 

I was extremely pleased when my bestie Emma, bought me this gorgeous scarf from River Island for Christmas and I thought it was a nice way of sharing the first Shopaholic Sunday winter essential accessory. I didn’t really want to search the net as I will see the price, but I felt I had to find it for you all as it’s ahhMAZING! You will forgive my rudeness I’m sure when I reveal….it’s on sale on Asos. Trust me; that’s a bargain. MUST BUY NOW!

I love anything with an unusual pattern and this certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s covered in gorgeous colours which will make it work throughout the year. It’s blanket style so you can whip it from around your neck and hug it around your shoulders for those times during the blistery chill winds. It’s Aladdin-carpet-esque in it’s appearance and I think that’s what makes it unique. It’s not super soft either. It seems like a practical fabric that will not fray or go limp when it’s wet.

Aztec your life away...

Aztec your life away…

It’s versatile with what you can wear it with too. Although it has the mustard colour, plum, grey and light pink it doesn’t clash with my baby blue coat either. It looks great with black, great with colours and I can guarantee it’s the cosiest scarf of all time.

River Island Aztec Fringe Blanket Scarf

River Island Aztec Fringe Blanket Scarf

The cosiest scarf of all time

The cosiest scarf of all time

It’s been my constant companion since Christmas. Thank you Emma from me and all of your guys who will go and grab this whilst it’s on sale I hope before it goes out of stock!

By the way, the fact I’m wearing sunglasses in this post baffles me too, so much so the last Whatever Wednesday post was all about it. I’ll be back in the next Shopaholic Sunday with another outfit post featuring another amazing coat!

Are scarves your favourite way to layer up? Are you more for big thick winter coats?


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