Why can I wear Sunglasses in Winter -

Why can I wear Sunglasses in Winter

Why can I wear Sunglasses in Winter

Right, what on Earth is happening with British weather? I am so completely confused, I just ugh… Last week I went to take some outfit photos with my brother and can you see what ended up on my face??? Why can I wear Sunglasses in Winter??! This week though, we’ve had nothing but snow. What?!

The one good thing about living in the UK is the opportunity to start planning your thick Winter coat, scarf and hat combo’s. I’d almost started to give up this year as I haven’t worn a single warm outfit for the majority of Winter. Not one thick coat, scarf, hat and glove combo before Christmas at all. I was actually just wearing a jumper and walking into work.

I was completely shocked last week when my brother and I took a trip to take some outfit photos and I was actually wearing my Sunglasses, I mean what is going on?!

Now I’m feeling the need to add sunglasses to my ‘essential winter accessories’ which seems stupid to complain about. Why wouldn’t I want it sunny? I wouldn’t mind half as much if it was actually warm. But it’s not, meaning my toes are freezing off, my face is becoming dry and I have to make sure two little somethings are not protruding from my chest… capiche?

And now we’ve finally had some snow and it’s even more freezing but least I finally got to try out some outfits with all the Winter Accessories you need, minus the sunglasses. I’ll be sharing a full outfit post in Shopaholic Sunday this weekend featuring my new favourite scarf.

Well this certainly was Whatever Wednesday. See you on Friday for Friday Favourites!


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